Beilstein and Gmelin Databases

The Beilstein/Gmelin CrossFire platform will be retired on December 31, 2010. It is being replaced by Reaxys.


Beilstein (organic) and Gmelin (inorganic/organometallic) are essential reference datatabases for chemists. The databases are searchable with the Crossfire Commander client interface. Both databases document the preparations, reactions and properties of chemical substances and are organized around the data for individual compounds. They are searchable in multiple ways including chemical structure, formula, physical property parameters, chemical reaction, as well as bibliographic data. Beilstein's content also includes pharmacological, ecotoxicological and bioactivity data.


Beilstein and Gmelin are available from any campus library public workstation.

  1. Click on Databases tab.
  2. Type Beilstein.

Any valid UW-Madison campus user may access Beilstein and Gmelin from a personal computer. This includes campus sites with Internet connections and off-campus users. To access Beilstein and Gmelin from your desktop:

  1. Obtain User ID, Password, Group Name, and URL Resolver (v. 7.1) from campus Beilstein contact (Emily Wixson, 262-4423) or by contacting General Library System/Library Technology Group.
  2. Open Beilstein Client Distribution Page.
  3. Read the Windows or Macintosh installation notes.
  4. Download the appropriate Windows.exe or Macintosh .hqx self-extracting archive files and install.
  5. (Optional - v. 7.1) Change the resolver filter setting (the link that takes you to full-text versions) in the XF.INI file from the default 1920 to 1870. This will retrieve pre-1900 ACS and RSC journals. The XF.INI file is located in C:\Program Files\Crossfire Commander 7.1 directory.

CrossFire Commander 7.1 is the most current version for Windows. CrossFire Commander 6 is the most current version for the Macintosh platform. UW-Madison Libraries public computers will be upgrading to 7.1 over the summer.

See Remote Access for information about Crossfire Commander client installion.